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The products page is the central page of the interface as it is from here which shop products are included and managed.

Product Options

The Product Options menu is where you control the creation and management of your items. The menu is shown below on the right of the screen:

Product Options

Adding Products

To add a product, click on the Add Product button. This will bring up the following screen:

New Product

Product Information

The first section requires you to enter information about the product's status.

Location allows you to define which category the product will fall under in your shop. The product may not have a category and in that event you would choose 'no category' from the drop down list. Otherwise, you can select a category that you have created from the list.

Choose postage group allows you to define the postage group for the product. This group allows to to define how much postage will be charged for the product.

How to Create Postal Charges

Lastly, Created and Last Edited display when the product was created and last edited.

Status displays the status of the product as determined by the actions performed on the product and marks set against it. By default the products status will be New, In Stock, Un-Hidden, On Homepage but this can be changed using the Actions: and Mark as: menus on the right of the screen.


The second section requires you to enter information about the product that is of importance to your visitors.

The first is Product Code which acts as reference for the product in addition to the Name of the product.

The Description of the product allows you to enter in a description of the product into a text editor.

Finally, Price is where you enter the price of the product. The price will be displayed in the primary currency.


From here, you can manage the images that accompany each product. The New Image option opens a new image and links it with the product. Upon selecting this option, the system will open up a window that allows you to look for images to add to the product.

To delete an image, select the image and select the Delete option. This will remove the image from the product.

Related Products

This secton allows you to direct your visitors to products related to the one they are currently viewing. To add a related product, choose a category from the drop down list and then choose a product from the category from the drop down list directly underneath it. When you have chosen the product, add it to the list of related products by clicking the add product button.

Editing Products

To edit any of the products that you have created, select the product you wish to edit which will highlight the product. Once selected, click the Edit Product button. This will bring up the screen on which you originally entered the product's information and will allow you to edit the details. The Last Edited field shows the last time the product was edited.

Deleting Products

To delete a product, select the product you wish to delete highlighting the product. Once selected, click the Delete Product button to delete the product. The deleted product will instantly be removed from the list of products.


There are two kinds of action you can apply to your product:

  • Show/Hide Product - This actions determines whether the product will be displayed or hidden from your visitors. This is an effective way of removing a product from your site without deleting the product. If the product is shown the Hide option will be displayed, otherwise Show will be displayed indicating the product is hidden.
  • Display on Homepage/Remove from Homepage - This actions determines whether the product will be included on the shop homepage. Products are included on the homepage by default so the default action will be Remove from Homepage.

Mark As

By marking your products, your visitors will be aware of their status and will be further informed when making purchase decisions whilst shopping. Marking products also makes it easier to manage a particular group of products. You can mark your products as:

  • New
  • Sale
  • Out of Stock
  • Best Seller

If a product is already marked in a particular way e.g 'New', then the option will be replaced by a remove option which allows easy removal of a mark e.g 'Remove New'


This is a quick way of changing the price of the product. To change the price, select the product and select the Edit Price option from the menu. This will allow you to edit the price of the item. When you have changed the price, save the changes and the new price will immediatly be available.